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String of Watermelons - Curio Herreanus

String of Watermelons - Curio Herreanus

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Curio Herreanus is best known as the ‘String Of Watermelons’. As the plant matures you can expect them to reach up to 30 cm (12″) long. The plants main feature are the watermelon like leaves that grow along the green stem. When the plant matures you can expect it to produce white flowers from spring.

- You will receive a String of Watermelons similar to the one shown in the pictures in a    starter form.

- Greenhouse grown. 

- Shown in 4" pot. Will ship in pot. (Not shipped in exact pot)

Recommended care instructions - 

  • Light - Although the string of watermelons can get acclimated to direct sunlight, it grows best in partial shade outdoors. If grown indoors, it does best on a very bright windowsill or under an artificial LED light Without enough light, there will be very little new growth and the whole plant will become more and more pale, eventually losing its watermelon stripes and becoming like a very pale version of its cousin, the string of tears.
  • Water - in the wild, this succulent grows very low to the ground and with its dense structure, creates a natural mulch layer on top of the soil/rock surface. Although the general succulent advice of letting the top layer of the soil dry out between each watering still applies, this drought period shouldn’t be too long. 
  • Soil - using well-draining soil is a must. Make sure that the pot has adequate drainage – a coarse drainage layer on the bottom, comprised of larger rocks is an excellent idea – it will make the plant more resistant to overwatering. Typical cactus soil mixes work well for this succulent, or you can mix your own – make sure to include at least 50% mineral grit to prevent excessive water retention. 
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