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Succulent of the Month

Succulent of the Month

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You will receive one 2" random by month succulent.

Every month we select a succulent based on popularity , color feature , best growing season , weather etc. 

All of our plants and succulents are Greenhouse grown. 

Will ship in 2". 

Care instructions:

-Light: If you are planting it outdoors, choose a sunny spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct early morning sunlight per day.

If you are growing indoors, select a room that is south-facing (if you are in the northern hemisphere), where it will do very well on a window sill. This will ensure that your succulent gets enough sunlight.

-Water: Water when soil is completely dry.

-Temperature: Succulents can tolerate higher temperatures but may need more frequent waterings during high temperature times. 

These succulents are not cold hardy, and will not be able to tolerate extremely cold temperatures. ( It will not survive temperatures below 25° Fahrenheit.)

-Soil: These succulents require very well draining soil. If planting in a container, please ensure that container has drainage holes to allow excess water to escape. 

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