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Petal Leaf Succulent - Portulaca Molokiniensis

Petal Leaf Succulent - Portulaca Molokiniensis

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This incredible-looking succulent is one of the most sought-after rare succulents amongst plant keepers.  It has unique layered petal-like leaves that almost make it look like green roses, its natural bonsai-like final mature structure just makes that much more appealing. This plant grows very fast into maturity. 

Despite its stunning looks, It is a low-maintenance plant with relative ease of care.  They do say "don't judge a book by its cover".  These are great for both beginners and pros when kept indoors with a decent amount of lighting, are potted in fast-draining soil, and watered once a week. If you plan on keeping them outdoors, or planted directly in your garden, make sure you live in a hardiness zone of between 9a to 11b.  The Portulaca Molokiniensis is definitely a one-of-a-kind.

Important Information -

Shown in a 7" designer pot with a mature plant. Will ship starter plant in a 2" or 4" Biodegradable 6-Month Pot or Clay Pot (Depending on what is available) that you can nurture and take to maturity into a shape you prefer. 

- You will receive a Portulaca Molokiniensis similar to the one shown in the pictures. 

- Greenhouse-grown. 

- 4" Pot will either have 1 larger plant or 3 smaller plants in it depending on availability.  2" pot will have a single plant .7-2" in size.

Care instructions - 

  • Growth Rate 

    This unique plant grows at a fast pace and is extremely rewarding when it comes to finding a plant that grows well and properly even in the smallest amount of time. 

  • Flowering 

    Portulaca Molokiniensis bears yellow and golden-colored flowers. The plant grows best between the season of late spring to the late summer.

  • Water and Feeding 

    Since the roots of this plant are shallow, they do not need regular watering. Light watering will work as the foliage of this succulent retains moisture well. It needs to be fed every few weeks with either liquid or solid fertilizer.

  • Hardiness 

    The plant grows best in summers, keeping in mind its frost tolerance of -6.7° C (19.94° F). Portulaca Molokiniensis belongs to the hardiness zone of specifically 9a.

  • Light 

    Portulaca Molokiniensis needs full sun exposure to grow well. It is ideal to keep the plant at a sunny spot if you are planting it outdoors. If indoors, ensure you let them grow near a window where ample sunlight is available.

    • Soil: 

      The Portulaca Molokiniensis needs very well-draining soil. If planting in a container, please ensure that container has drainage holes to allow excess water to escape.  
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