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Orostachys Iwarenge / Chinese Dunce Caps Succulent Plant

Orostachys Iwarenge / Chinese Dunce Caps Succulent Plant

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Dunce Cap, also known as Chinese Dunce Cap (Orostachys iwarenge), is a succulent plant named for its spires of silvery-lavender cone-shaped rosettes. The plant spreads via slender runners with offsets that fall off and take root to form new plants. Eventually, the pointy cones may produce tiny flowers

- You will receive a Chinese dunce caps Succulent Plant similar to the ones shown in the pictures.

- Greenhouse grown. 

- Shown in 4" and 2" pot. May ship in pot. (Not shipped in exact pot)

Recommended care instructions - 

  • Light - Orostachys aren’t as tolerant to direct sun and heat as other general. Light sun, semi shade, to 50% shade is a comfortable range.
  • Water - Allow the soil to dry out between watering from spring to autumn, and reduce during winter dormancy.
  • Soil - Orostachys prefer a well-draining gravelly soil mix. They are also adaptable to both nutrient-rich and nutrient-poor soils.
  • Planting - As a versatile succulent, 15 cm pots or bowls with holes for drainage, or a shaded spot in the garden as long as it is cooler with good air circulation are all options. It does not thrive in hot, humid areas such as glasshouses. 
  • Fertiliser - Fertilise when the plant begins looking lackluster, or slows in growth, using a diluted fertiliser.
  • Blooming - Chinese Dunce Cap is a monocarpic plant, each rosette blooms once and then dies. Flower spikes grow from rosette centres in autumn.
  • Dormancy - Dormant in winter, Orostachys lose many of their larger leaves and protect themselves by tightening to a fraction of the size during the growing season.

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