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Hostas Perennial Plantain Lilly

Hostas Perennial Plantain Lilly

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One of the most popular perennials for shade, hostas add color and texture to the garden. Grown primarily for their showy foliage, hostas are low-maintenance perennials. Our Shady Places Hosta Plant Mix is an economical way to fill in shaded areas. The shade-loving plants spread to fill an area fast with broad, beautiful leaves. They're perfect for dressing up north-facing foundations. In the summer, bell-like flowers shoot up and bloom above the foliage. Our choice of varieties. Grows best in full shade to partial shade. Zones 3-9.

  • Ideal for all gardens zones 3-9
  • Adds texture and color with its foliage
  • Economical way to fill an area
  • Grows best in partial to full shade
  • Our choice of varieties
  • 200 seeds per pack depending on the variety 
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