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Echeveria Pearl Von Nuremberg

Echeveria Pearl Von Nuremberg

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This is one of the most beautiful and easy to find succulents. It has a really nice purple-ish colour along the edges. It grows well outside in container gardens. The Echeveria Perle von Nurnberg succulent is extremely popular due to its attractive two-toned appearance. The rosettes are thick, fleshy with pointed leaves.

- You will receive an Echeveria Pearl Von Nuremberg similar to the one shown in the pictures. 

- Greenhouse grown. 

- Shown in 4" pot. Will ship in pot. (Not shipped in exact pot)

Recommended care instructions - 

  • Light - These plants have moderate light needs. It can handle partial shade to full sun (gives best color) and should ideally get at least six hours of sun a day.
  • Temperature and humidity - This Echeveria is not very cold hardy, or frost resistance so ideal temperatures are above 40° degrees Fahrenheit.

    However it can tolerate some cold temperatures from 25° to 30° degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Watering - This plant doesn’t have very high watering needs. It is also known to be mildly drought tolerant.Perle von Nurnberg Echeveria enjoys more water when it’s in its growth phase. Once established, decrease the frequency of watering.  However, if you live in an extremely hot climate or are growing in a container, continue with regular watering.
  • Well draining soil and Transplanting - 

    Nurnberg Echeveria enjoys a loose, well-drained and fast draining porous soil.Add natural pumice and lava rocks to the soil to help increase extra drainage. However, you can also use a commercial cactus soil mix.Transplant every few years to avoid compacted soil. When repotting Nurnberg Echeveria

    • Knock away the old soil
    • Remove and clean any rotting roots or leaves
    • Repot it in its new home with fresh soil
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