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Echeveria First Lady

Echeveria First Lady

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 Shown in 4" pot. Will ship in pot. 

Recommended care instructions - 

  • Light - 

    This succulent thrives in bright light. However, it wouldn’t be too happy under direct sunlight. A little reprieve from the sun rays makes your plant more comfortable. Interestingly, Echeverias could also tolerate spaces with lower light. They’ve been known to live in half shade or even full shade. Since we like our plants to thrive, and not just to survive, it’s best to use grow lights in these dim rooms.    

  • Soil - The best blent should contain garden soil, sand, and perlite. This airy soil would keep the humidity retention at bay, and hence keep your plant safe from root rot. A well ventilated soil is important for the following reasons - 
    • It helps the plants to absorb nutrients more effectively.
    • It creates a sustainable ecosystem for the microorganisms in the soil 
    • It would give the roots sufficient room to breath
  • Water - Succulents in general aren’t big to water. They like a light dry soil most of the time, so infrequent watering is key to having healthy Echeverias. Water it well, then leave it for about a week to dry out completely before watering again. Baby Echeverias could need a bit more water than that.
  • Temperature and humidity - Echeveria First Lady prefers warm surroundings, and it’s not too bothered by the heat waves that make us swelter. It’s quite sensitive to cold weather though.That’s why it’s best to move a potted Echeveria First Lady indoors when the air turns chilly. If you have it in the garden, you could use plastic covers, like the ones used to protect germinating seedlings.


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