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Rare Buddha Temple Succulent

Rare Buddha Temple Succulent

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Humans have always been fascinated with patterns and symmetry. Take a look at ancient pottery, weaving or architecture. Buddha's temple is another one of our magnificent creations, a man-made hybrid of Buddha's Temple. Resembling a Buddhist temple, this Crassula succulent has a perfectly symmetrical tower appearance that would please even the most pretentious succulent aficionado. Besides being a living sculpture, Buddha's temple is really easy to grow and care for. The Crassula or ‘Buddha’s Temple’ is perhaps best known for its unusual shape. The plant is able to reach up to around 15 cm (6″) tall and about 2.5 cm (1″) in diameter. As the plant matures it will produce a densely packed stem that grows slowly upwards.

- You will receive a Buddha Temple similar to the one shown in the pictures.

- Greenhouse-grown.

- Shown in 2" pot. Will ship in pot.


Where to Plant

The Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’ need strong light. When planting this Crassula ‘Buddha’s Temple’ type in a garden, make sure it gets sunlight. Full to partial sun is the best for its growth. It is better to grow outdoor rather than indoor.

This type of succulent prefers a warm climate. It can survive at plant zone 9b to 11b, -3.9°C (25°F) to +10°C (50°F). If you live in a cold area, it is better to plant Buddha’s Temple in an indoor environment. As long as it gets enough sunlight, the plant will grow happily

Recommended care instructions -

Water - Buddha’s Temple is the type of succulent that is prone to root rot but also doesn’t like to go for a long time without water. Once you find the perfect balance, you will be rewarded with a beautiful, healthy plant. The best way to water this stunning Crassula is by using the soak and dry method, watering until the soil is soaked and then waiting for the soil to completely dry out again before the next watering.
In their natural habitat, succulents have infrequent access to water, and when it rains it’s usually heavy. This allows them to develop a strong, healthy root system and withstand long periods of drought. Avoid watering succulents with small amounts of water, as this will weaken their roots. Considering Crassula cv. Buddha’s Temple already has a weak root system, it is best to use only the soak and dry method.
During blooming season, Crassula cv. needs regular watering sessions once or twice per week, but only after the soil has completely dried. Apart from the blooming season, water once or twice every two weeks. After the growing season and during the cooler months, watering one time per month should be enough. Throughout winter, the plant is dormant and doesn’t need so much water.

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