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Angel Wings Cactus / Bunny ears cactus

Angel Wings Cactus / Bunny ears cactus

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ANGEL WINGS CACTUS also known as Bunny ears cactus. Cacti are the perfect plant for the novice gardener. They are also the perfect specimen for a neglectful gardener. Bunny ears cactus plant, also called angel’s wings, has ease of care combined with an original appearance. The thick pads of this plant are adorned with fuzzy glochids, or short bristles, that resemble the fur of rabbits and grow in earlike pairs. Even a beginner can learn how to grow bunny ears cactus and enjoy the soft appearance of the plant without a lot of typical houseplant fuss.

- You will receive an Angel Wings Cactus similar to the one shown in the pictures
- Greenhouse grown.

- Shown in 2" pot. Will ship in pot. (Not shipped in exact pot)

Recommended Care instructions:

Light - The bunny ear cactus requires consistent bright, direct sunlight and when grown as a houseplant, it should be placed in the sunniest spot in your home. Ideally, this cactus should receive between six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day. When grown indoors, this usually means that it should be placed in a south or west-facing window, or you can use a grow light to provide supplemental light. When grown outdoors, ensure that the cactus is not planted in a location that is not shaded.

Soil - Like most cacti, the bunny ear cactus prefers dry, sandy, well draining soils. A standard cactus or succulent potting mix is sufficient and can be easily found at most nurseries or garden centres. Alternatively, you can make your own potting mix at home by mixing equal parts potting soil, coarse sand, and perlite.

Water- This desert dweller is drought-tolerant and does not require frequent watering in order to survive. In fact, the bunny ear cactus is actually extremely sensitive to overwatering and prone to root rot if it is exposed to too much moisture. Allow the soil to dry out thoroughly between watering, and when in doubt, wait a bit longer before you water again. Remember that in the desert, cacti can survive weeks, sometimes even months, without water.

Temperature and humidity - The bunny ear cactus requires warm, dry conditions and does not tolerate frost or excess humidity. Keep temperatures between 70 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 37 degrees Celsius) and avoid excess moisture by ensuring that the potting mix is well-draining and the potting container has drainage holes. This cactus can be grown outdoors year-round in USDS Zones 9a to 11b, but otherwise should be overwintered indoors to avoid damage from cold temperatures.
Fertilser - This cactus grows well in poor quality soils and does not require regular fertilisation. However, it can benefit from a yearly application of a cactus or succulent fertiliser in the early spring to help boost growth during the active growing period.

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