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10 succulent cuttings

10 succulent cuttings

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You will receive 10 assorted succulent cuttings. 

This stunning set of succulent cuttings will surely make your indoor looks extraordinary. Low maintenance, works well for both your indoor and outdoor decor. A must have to greern lovers, dont miss yours.

Succulent cuttings will all be different and may vary from what is shown in the picture. 

Care instructions:

-Container Requirements: ensure that container is appropriately size for cuttings and has a drainage hole to allow allow excess water to drain from soil.

-Soil Requirements: Well draining soil (ie cactus mix with additional perlite mixed in is perfect for rooting new cuttings.)

-Water requirements: lightly mist soil to ensure that it is moist to encourage rooting. Do not allow soil to remain too wet for extended periods of time. It is always better to lightly mist more often than to overwater all at once.

-Light requirements: succulent cuttings will need 4-6 hours of direct early morning sun and then bright indirect light after to prevent etoliation.

Cuttings should begin rooting within 2-4 weeks. Please do not disturb cuttings or it can hinder the rooting process or break newly forming roots.

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