About Us

Welcome to Botany Heaven

Greetings everyone to our green shop. We are a small family owned bussiness. We provide all kinds of indoor plants and planters across United States. Most of our plants are shipped from California. Plants you will get from us are healthy and grown precisely by our experts. We continue to improve our on-line capabilities and expand our product offerings to different countries.

Our Story

At Botany Heaven, we're certain there's no substitute for the way flourishing greenery can brighten up a space. Plants aren’t just aesthetically pleasing to look , they’re necessary, refreshing our air and breathing right beside us. Our mission is to continually improve all aspects of our business in order to exceed our nationwide customers' expectations. We want people to get back in nature and not take it as granted. While we are still mostly a family operation, we are proud of the strides we have made in customer satisfaction through expanded offerings and enhanced capabilities. We are a team with a passion for delivering happiness and sharing our love of plants.

Direct from the Greenhouse

When you buy a houseplant from a store or nursery, it has likely traveled on a hot or cold truck for four weeks from a greenhouse to a warehouse. The plant is then transported to a store, where it is unlikely to receive the water, light, or care it requires to grow. With Botany Heaven, our plants are cared for by plant experts and kept in optimal conditions at our greenhouse where they’re shipped directly to you. We have our own greenhouse. All Plants and succulents are greenhouse grown. They are hand picked and ready to deliver to you.